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founding director of
commissioning, performing, and recording since 2011

professor of music at Scripps College since 2009

operatic soprano specializiing in early and contemporary music

stage director 

extended voice workshop director


comfortable in standard operatic languages, Mandarin, Russian, and Hebrew

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My flagship project.
For over a decade, I've been commissioning works to texts by and about female spiritual practitioners.

Our projects have been awarded 4 times by the National Endowment for the Arts and also by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Firefly tree of enlightenment at bodhgaya india 44467.jpg

So freed! So freed!

So thoroughly freed am I—

from my pestle,

my shameless husband

& his sun-shade making,

my moldy old pot

with its water-snake smell.

Aversion & passion

I cut with a chop.

Having come to the foot of a tree,

I do jhāna, from the bliss thinking:

“What bliss!”

From the verses about female Buddhist monk Sumangalamata, in the Therīgāthā set in the NEA commissioned Therīgāthā Inside Aura by Chinary Ung:

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